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Everything you need to travel to AlUla

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Enjoy spending two nights with your loved one among the Al-Ula Mountains and its golden sands, in the Wadi caravans, where calm and relaxation take place.

- The price includes accommodation and transportation.

- And a gift from us to you a ticket to the ancient stone area.

al ula tour package

What do we offer you in this package

- Various Accommodation options according to your choice
- Tickets to the ancient Hegra site
- Tickets for the religion Dadan and Ikma archaeological
- Zipline experiment
- car 4x4 with chauffeur throughout the trip - A Tour of Elephant Mountain, the old town and the overlook ( top of harra )

All this and more in one package

alula booking

What do we offer you in this package

- Three days - two nights
- Accommodation + transportation + events
- Accommodation in a hotel apartment
- Transport Sedan car
- Visit the archaeological Hegra site
- Visiting the Dadan and Ikma archaeological sites
- Visiting Elephant Mountain
- Visit the overlook - ( Top of Harra )
- visit the old town

All this and more in one package

There are packages according to the customer's request

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Tourism for Al-Ula, Al-Ula is considered one of the best places for lovers of tourist trips in all its forms and types, as it is considered a wealth of cultural attractions, whether you are looking for a family trip, a business visit, or just an opportunity to relax, explore, or if you are a fan of new adventures. We prepare for you an organizational schedule and an integrated tourist program to Al-Ula for your trip, and we offer you various tourist packages that suit all individuals and families.

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